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A private, exclusive, and secure, one acre dog paddock for walking, playing and freedom in Derbyshire.

 The Dog Paddock @ Foston in Derbyshire is a secure Dog Field, where you can hire the field to let your dogs off their leads safely.

​1 hour £10 or 30 minutes £6 plus see Special Offers page for discounted sessions for regular customers

Open everyday from 7am until 7pm - except Sunday 8.30 until 7pm


Our idea originated from having our own dogs and wanting somewhere that we could exercise them on their own. We were lucky enough to be able to buy a house with a paddock attached. And so finally in 2021, we received planning permission and so the Dog Paddock began.

The paddock is based in Foston, in Derbyshire. It is just over an acre, with 6 foot fencing all around, a car park with a hosepipe for water for the dogs to drink and be cleaned off. There is privacy netting around the roadside and our garden side, with trees, and grass on the other two sides. In Autumn there is an abundance of blackberries growing through the fence, your dogs can eat these too!

We have provided a variety of interactive play areas so that we provide your dog with a stimulating experience both mentally and physically. We have particularly thought about the sensory aspects of the paddock, including different textures, and surfaces. 

A small wooden shelter is provided for you to sit in if it is raining, or too sunny! Please also feel free to borrow the umbrella if you need to, but please return it for others to use. If you have forgotten your poo bags there will be some in there for emergency use.

The Dog Paddock @ Foston

Hay Lane



DE65 5PJ

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