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Sensory and Enrichment

Sensory Garden - (still being developed)


The ideas around dogs using plants to self medicate have been taken from the work of Caroline Ingraham, who is a Zoopharmacognosy specialist, and herbalist Jane Walwork-Gush. Caroline works with a number of organisations that support animals.

We wanted the Dog Paddock to offer sensory experiences for our dogs, as well as enrichment, and not just be a field with a "few bits" in it. Over time the plants that are curerntly there will grow, and we will add more as we go along. The variety of plants on offer will grow over time as the garden develops.


As you will see when you visit, we have different equipment for the dogs to use. Enrichment is so important for dogs. We can do this by providing dogs with chews, and toys, and letting them sniff when they are out. These activities help with their mental health, reduces their anxiety by stimulating them mentally, and therefore helps to minimise behavioural issues. When they come to the Paddock, they can smell all the smells, go through, go over and under, weave and run! This all helps to offer them physical and mental stimulation, resulting in a relaxed and happier dog. What more do we want!

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