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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring children to the Paddock? Yes you can, but due to safety reasons please do not let them climb on the equipment.

How many dogs can I bring? Only up to three dogs are allowed in the Paddock at any given time due to planning restrictions.

How do I gain entry? After paying for your session you will receive a Confirmation email with the key code on. Then 24 hours before your session begins you will get a further reminder email again with the key code and contact numbers. Drive into the Car Park at your allocated time, open the lock with the code and enter the Dog Paddock.

Can I have a picnic on the Paddock? Yes, you can, however bbq's are not permitted.

How much is it? For up to three dogs the charge is £10 for an hour and £6 for half an hour. Please see the special offers page to see what is available currently.

Is the Paddock secure? The Paddock has fencing six feet high around the edges, and chicken wire at the bottom to prevent digging as much as is practicable. It is the Paddock Users responsibility to check to see if the Paddock is safe for their dog. Please feel free to contact to come and have a look if you need to do this.

Can I bring my XL Bully? Yes you can, but please see "Rules & XL Bullies" page for more information. Please get in touch if you need further advice.

What if there are any issues with the Dog Paddock? Please contact Claire or Sean on; 07865218322 or 07878254891.


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