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Terms and Conditions

On making a booking you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of use. Any person not abiding with this information will not be allowed to use the facilities. Any pre-booked sessions will not be refunded.

Entering/Leaving the Paddock

Enter the Car Park at the start of your Allocated Session time, leave the Paddock at least 5 minutes before the end of your session, leave the Car Park exactly at the end of your Allocated Session time.


It is the responsibility of the User to inspect the field to ensure that it is suitable for use by their dog/s.

The booking is for 5 minutes to enter the Paddock, 50/20 minutes in the Paddock, 5 minutes to leave the car park area.

It is not acceptable to arrive early or to leave later than the allocated booked time.

Ensure the gates are secure at all times.

Dogs must be on their leads at all times until in the Paddock, this includes entering and leaving.

Any User unable to get their dog back into their car at the end of their session must pay an additional £10.


Booking is made via the website.

Any other person booking or attending at the session must also agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Sub-letting is not allowed.

Any person wishing to use the Paddock for professional training purposes must speak with the Paddock owners before making the booking.

The owners reserve the right to cancel sessions due to unforeseen circumstances, payments will be refunded within 7 days.

You can privately hire the paddock for your sole use for the time that you have paid for, the Dog Paddock can accommodate up to 3 dogs at any one time. Please see "Book Online" for information on costs and times available. No more than 3 cars allowed in the car park for your booked session.

Noise Policy

To ensure we respect our neighbours privacy and peace, please ensure you abide by our Noise and Management Policy as follows;


Occassional noise on entering the paddock is understandable, but continous noise, to include barking, will not be allowed. Any User allowing this to happen will firstly be informed, any subsequent unecessary noise will follow with the User not being able to use the Dog Paddock @ Foston for any future bookings.



All payments must be made through the website.


The paddock can only be used if it has been booked and paid for prior to arrival.

Do not bring more any more than 3 dogs. Failure to do so will result in  cancellation of your session without refund and will be asked to leave the Paddock immediately.

Cancellation Policy

If the user arrives late, the booking time cannot be extended and you must leave at your allocated time.

There are no refunds for any cancellations, 24 hrs notice is required to transfer your slot to another time.


Ensure your dog is healthy before making a booking, this includes; vaccinations, flea treatment and worming to be up to date.


The User must remove ALL their dog/s poo from the Paddock and Car Park areas, bins are provided and emergency poo bags are in the shelter. Failure to do so could result in customers from not being able to use the field.

Litter must be taken home to be disposed of. Please take any toys/balls home with you, as some dogs will eat them.

It is the responsibility of the Paddock user to inform the owners of any issues/damage/concerns they may have about the maintenance of the field, at their earliest convenience.

Dogs must not dig in the field, unless it is an area that is specificially indicated as a place for dogs to dig.



Children are welcome in the Paddock, but must be supervised by an adult at all times, they are not allowed on the equipment due to safety reasons.



The Users contact details are retained in the event of an emergency regarding use of the Paddock. This information is not used for any other purpose, nor shared with any other parties.



No responsibility will be taken by the Paddock owners for any damage or injury sustained to individuals or animals whilst using the paddock, or on our property.

Although all reasonable measures have been made to ensure the field is secure we cannot cover all eventualities. 


All vehicles parked on the property are left entirely at their owner's risk. No responsibility will be taken for any damage or accidents that occur.


Any breakages or damage to the paddock, fences, or equipment will be paid for by the Paddock User.



This is a NO smoking area, including the car park, vaping is allowed.

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