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How some dogs may benefit from secure dog fields - Hilton Dogs Training Academy - Louise Burton

Some dogs need space - It’s as simple as that. They may be older, nervous around others or just still learning to recall with distractions nearby. The Dog Paddock is a great place to relax and let them run free.

The Dog Paddock is a great resource for anyone with a dog(s) who is reactive towards other dogs, people or jogger/cyclists. These secure fields provide invaluable training space for owners and trainer to work distraction free.

The Dog Paddock is a great place to practice your puppy’s recall without all of the distractions of the local park. It’s also a safe place for nervous, older, rescue or dogs with limited mobility to enjoy time off lead.

Secure fields like The Dog Paddock are a vital resource for owners working through behavioural training with nervous or rescue dogs. They provide a safe place to build dog and owner confidence without unwanted approaches from other dogs or people.

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